Running Start Online Orientation



To succeed in college level classes:

  • ATTEND your classes!
    • If you care, your Professors will care!
  • Average 2 hours of homework for every hour you are in class
    • For a 5 credit class, anticipate 10 hours of homework to succeed in the class. This may also vary depending on the type of class.
  • Ask for help!
    • Professors are willing! Contact our office.
  • FAST PACED! Remember that a college quarter is 10 weeks long!
    • For example, one 5 credit English class is one year of High School level English
    • College is one year of high school crammed into 10 weeks!
  • Communicate with your instructors!
    • If you are unable to attend class, inform your instructors.
    • If you need help, ask.
    • If you have any questions about the course, clarify with your instructor right away.
    • If you have high school activities (i.e. Homecoming assemblies, sporting events, graduation practices, vacations, SATs) that conflict with your course time, your instructors may not excuse you. Talk with your instructors!
  • Access campus resources:


You are a college student! Your teacher does not know you are a Running Start (High School) student! They will expect the same level of participation and quality of work as from typical college students!