Running Start Online Orientation


Satisfactory Progress  (GOOD GRADES!)

You are responsible to check your grades each quarter.  You'll find a link to this portal on at the top of the Current Students page.  You will need to know your SIN (Student Identification Number) and your PIN (your date of birth, MMDDYY).


Shoreline Community College Scholastic Requirements:

A student who earns a quarterly grade-point average of less than 1.75 is placed on academic warning. A student whose quarterly grade-point average is less than 1.75 for a second consecutive quarter receives an academic probation notice. A student who earns a quarterly grade-point average of less than 1.75 for the third consecutive quarter receives academic suspension.


For more information about Academic Regulations see the college catalog:Chapter 5 - Academic Regulations. 


What if I'm falling behind or failing?

Attend all the classes you are registered for. If you stop attending, you must complete a schedule change form and withdraw from the class. Failure to do this will result in you receiving a failing grade!


If you are failing or falling behind:

  • First: Talk with your instructor ASAP. Let them know you are struggling and ask for help.
  • Second: Make an effort. Utilize campus resources (i.e. Writing Lab, Tutoring, etc.). Contact the Running Start office
  • Third: If you need to withdraw from the class, be aware of the deadline to do so, consult with your instructor about this option and come to the Running Start office as soon as you decide to withdraw!
  • Fourth: THIS IS COLLEGE, you are building an academic permanent record.