Running Start Online Orientation


Reading the Quarterly Class Schedule

The results of an online search or listings in the hard copy of the quarterly class schedule are presented in the following format.

  • Department – HIST& and the course number – 146 in yellow
  • The course title and description are circled in red

course listing in the class schedule


  • Item number – 1265 in green – is important for registration purposes.  Make sure you have the correct item number when registering!
  • Hybrid - This particular section is indicated as a Hybrid course, which means this is taught partially online and partially on-campus.
    • It important to read the italicized print as it may include additional fee information.
  • Section number – Y1 in blue – is important for registration purposes.
  • Credit load – 5 in purple – is the number of credits the class is worth.
  • Time and Day – in red – is when classes meet.
  • The room number and instructor are listed on the bottom.