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Math 111: Homework


The following assignment sheets indicate all of the readings and textbook problems that you need to do each week. Just click on the link (week number) to access the assignment sheet. Each homework set is worth 5 points and is self-graded. When handing it in, please include a cover sheet containing the following information:

  • Name and week number.
  • A list of problems you did NOT complete.
  • The percentage of problems, p, assigned that you completed correctly.
  • Your grade, H, on the homework where H = (p+10)/20. Be sure to round H down to the nearest integer (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
  • I will drop your lowest homework score when calculating your grade at the end of the quarter.


Assignment Due Date Solutions
Week 1  Tuesday, April 8

 Solutions to even-numbered problems

 Solutions to even-numbered optional practice problems

 Week 2  Tuesday, April 15  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 3  Tuesday, April 22

 Solutions to even-numbered problems

 Solutions to even-numbered optional practice problems

 Week 4  Tuesday, April 29  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 5  Tuesday, May 6  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 6  Tuesday, May 13  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 7
 Tuesday, May 20  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 8  Tuesday, May 27  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 9  Tuesday, June 3  Solutions to even-numbered problems
 Week 10  Monday, June 9  Solutions to even-numbered problems


NOTE: You will earn a 0 on any homework assignment that is too hard to read; or if you seem to have mindlessly copies another student's homework (or the solutions manual); or if you allowed another student to mindlessly copy your work.

In addition to the textbook problems, worksheets may be assigned and collected as part of your homework grade.  These additional HW assignments, and their due dates, will be listed below.


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