Recycling Program

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Shoreline Community College understands the importance of recycling and is committed to a strong campus recycling program.  We partner with CleanScapes to operate on the single stream system, which allows us to co-mingle all recyclables into one bin for collection.  If you need your recycling picked up, please call Sherri Walley at 546-4661.

Map of campus recycling bins


Recycling Q&A


Q How do I get my recycling picked up around campus?

A Campus recycling bins are emptied weekly into three 8-yard recycling containers.  If a bin becomes full for more than one day, please notify Sherri Walley at 546-4661.


Q Where do I put recycling from my office or classroom?

A For now, office and classroom recycling is collected informally and emptied into the nearest communal bin.  (Additional service may be available in the future.)


Q Can I recycle shredded paper?

A Maybe, depending on the direction of the shredding!  Long-fiber shred can be recycled.  Short-fiber shred usually just becomes waste at the paper mill.  So confetti or cross-cut shred should be placed in the trash at SCC.  (It may also be placed in compost bins which are not currently available at the college.)


Q Where can I take my food scraps?

A Food-scrap recycling is available only at the PUB.


Q What can I do with electronics or batteries?

A Household batteries aren't allowed in recycling and button-shaped batteries aren't allowed in the garbage.  There is currently no recycling option for either on campus.


Q What do I do with...?

A For information on recycling other items, call the city at (206) 546-2659 for a copy of the "Where to Take It" flyer.  Check with King County Solid Waste for where to take unusual items.

Do's & Don'ts


Do recycle the recyclables.


Do put paper, plastic, glass bottles and jars and metal all in one bin.


Do remove caps from bottles before recycling as they are often made from different plastics and can contaminate the batch.


Do rinse off recyclables that contained food until passably clean, meaning that they are rinsed enough to get the food chunks off.


Do breakdown your cardboard boxes and stack them behind or to the side of recycling bins.


Don't recycle broken glass.


Don't throw food or garbage into recycling bins.


Don't throw half full soda cans or juice bottles into the recycling bin.


Don't recycle food stained paper products.



Recycling Overview

The following table lists the basic details of what is recycled throughout the campus at Shoreline Community College.  The Facilities Department is responsible for collection, pickup, and administration of the program supporting the recycling of these materials.


Recyclable Material

Container Size

Container Location

Pickup Schedule

Monthly Cost

Paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, metal

8 cubic yards
8 cubic yards
6 cubic yards

PUB 9000 dock
FOSS 5000 dock
Across from Library dock

Each Tues & Fri
Each Tues & Fri
Each Tuesday

No cost; free as part of garbage pickup service.*

Food scraps

5 - 96 gallon

PUB dock

Each Friday

$22.30 per 96 gallon container


30 yard compactor

Across the street from PUB 9000 building

Every 2 weeks on Tuesday

Hauling cost + $95.00/ton

Yard waste
(grass clippings, limbs, etc.)
40 yards Landscape Materials yard At our request Hauling cost + $95.00/ton


*If we ever produce more than twice the recycling tonnage as garbage tonnage, there may be a charge.