Active Capital Projects

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The currently active capital projects for the 2011 – 2013 biennium are listed below, with their project name, project scope, and construction status.


Project Name

Project Scope

Construction Status

1000 Building Transformer/ Distribution Panels Replacement 

Replace 45 year old underground transformer/distribution panel and associated electrical panels.  Install emergency generator for building.


Fall 2012 construction schedule.

1000 building outage will be coordinated before it is scheduled.


3000 Building HVAC Controls Replacement


Replace current original pneumatic controls with digital/DDC controls and wiring.


Work scheduled for Fall 2012. 

Visitor's Parking Lot - ADA Improvements

Construct new ADA accessible walkway/ramp in the Visitor's Parking Lot and restripe parking spaces to meet code requirements.


Construction scheduled to begin October 8, 2012.

Roof Study and Repairs

A roof study will be performed, with the highest priority building being 2100 Automotive.


From roof study, the original 2100 building roof needed to be replaced. Construction is scheduled for Fall 2012.


Master Planning

Complete an approved Master Development Plan with the City of Shoreline.  Complete a Long Range Development Plan that will be used to guide our facilities capital planning and funding efforts with the State.


Schacht/Aslani Architects is leading this effort.