Is Online Learning Right for You?

eLearning courses are a great option for students who might have difficulty attending classes on campus, or who enjoy alternative learning environments.


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Shoreline's online courses have start and stop dates, regular assignments and project due dates, but students can work at the time and place most convenient to them. These features make online courses more convenient than regular courses, but they are not easier.


Being successful in most eLearning courses requires a level of self-discipline and commitment that students may not anticipate. Because online courses are delivered at a distance, they are reading and writing intensive. Even though attendance is not required at a specific time, students will need to spend time in the virtual classroom five out of every seven days and plan on 12 to 15 hours of class work each week for each course.


Although technology becomes easier to use all the time, eLearning courses do require a minimum level of computer competency. Review the list below to see if you have the computer skills to take a eLearning course.

  • I know how to connect to the World Wide Web using a Web browser.
  • I can navigate around the Web and know how to use search engines.
  • I know how to send and receive e-mail using the e-mail system of my choice.
  • I know how to do basic word processing, including cutting and pasting.
  • I know how to open, save, and manage files. I have access to a computer 5 - 7 days per week
  • The computer I will use meets the technical requirements for eLearning classes.