Using the Accuplacer for Placement

Shoreline Community College does not offer the Accuplacer test and cannot use Accuplacer scores for all placement levels. Our primary placement test is the Compass.



Students who have earned placement into English 101 at Edmonds Community College via the Accuplacer test may register for English 101 and courses that require placement in English 101.



The following Accuplacer scores can be used for these courses with math prerequisites:


Shoreline CC courses Accuplacer Test Score

MATH 095

MATH 099


Elementary Algebra at least 63

CHEM& 121

CHEM& 131

ECON& 201

MATH& 107

MATH& 171

PHIL& 106

PHYS 110


Elementary Algebra 105 plus a score of at least 25 on College Level Math

CHEM& 171

CHEM& 172

MATH 111

MATH& 141

MATH& 146

Elementary Algebra 105 plus a score of at least 40 on College Level Math


For registration approval and assistance please bring a copy of your Accuplacer scores to a New Student Orientation & Registration session, or send it to: