Frequently Asked Advising Questions

Who is my advisor?

Each students is assigned a faculty advisor in the department or program of their choice as indicated in the application or during registration. Undecided students are assigned to a Counseling faculty during the New Student Orientation.


All new students receive a card with the advisor's name and contact information. If you can't remember who your assigned advisor is, you can contact Enrollment Services - Registration desk at 206-546-4611.


What's the difference between my advising appointment and my registration appointment?

Your advising appointment is a meeting you arrange with your advisor. The appointment is used to work out the classes you should take the next quarter and to answer any other questions you may have about your program or your educational goals.


The appointment date you receive in the mail each quarter is for registration, which is when you go can go online or  go in person to Enrollment Services - Registration desk (located in the 2nd floor of the FOSS (5000) building)  to sign up for classes. You may register on the day and time of your registration appointment or anytime after.


Is it possible to change advisors?

Yes. If you know the name of your new advisor, you can stop by Enrollment Services - Registration desk to change advisors. If you are undecided or need assistance, you need to contact the Advising and Counseling Center staff for assistance by calling 206-546-4559.


When is changing advisors a good idea?

The most common good reason is when a student changes a major or program of study. At this time, you are not automatically assigned a new advisor when you change majors. You need to contact the Advising and Counseling Center staff for assistance by calling 206-546-4559.


Do I need my advisor's signature to register?

If you are new to our college, you need your advisor's signature to register for classes. After you have earned more than 15 credits, you do not need an advisor signature unless the program or class requires it.


What should I do to prepare for my advising appointment?

  • Review your planning sheet.
  • Work out a tentative schedule from the next quarter's class schedule.
  • Write out a list of questions you want to ask your advisor.

How do I plan what courses I need to take each quarter?

Use your planning sheet to help you identify which courses to take. The college catalog has information about each course, including prerequisite information.


How do I find out what courses and how may credits I need to graduate?

You can get a preliminary degree audit anytime from your advisor. A degree audit identifies what you've taken and what you need to take in order to complete your program.


What if I don't have a major?

Free career counseling is available at Advising and Counseling Center. Call the Advising and Counseling Center (206-546-4559) to make an appointment to talk to a counselor about your interests. You might consider taking the Human Development class 282 - Major Destinations class offered each quarter.